Saturday, 6 August 2016

Summer Sale in Moiti Towers

It's time to get rid of some old stuff again. I will continuously update this site so  make sure you check back here every once in a while.

If you're interested on anything on offer here just send me a mail at:

Here a few general rules:
- Prices are in Euro and open to discussion.
- Prices don't include shipping.
- Postage will be applied at cost. Due to bad experiences I will only send as signed for.
- If you need any additional pics or information contact me via the e-mail address stated above.
- Items on sale are sold as seen on the pictures except when stated otherwise.
- All items will be packaged as best as possible. But due to lazy post men and other imponderabilities I simply can't guarantee a save arrival with the customer.
- If you're ready to pay for it I do ship world wide

1. Imperial Army Bundle consisting of the items listed individually below
Miniatures and tanks are painted to a good standard. Should you need additional pictures just send me an e-mail!

2. Imperial Guard Command Squad consisting of:
- Sergeant armed with bolt pistol and chain sword
- Medic with las rifle
- Banner bearer with las pistol
- Vox operator
- Heavy flamer

3. Imperial Guard Veterans Squad consisting of:
- Vox operator with las rifle
- 3 veterans armed with Melta
- Support weapons team with rocket launcher
- 3 veterans with las rifle

4. Valdor tank hunter
unfortunately the turret mounted heavy stubber is lacking for some reason.

5. Leman Russ Exterminator painted as Commissarial Command tank with hull mounted las cannon

6. Chimera with turret mounted twin heavy bolters and hull mounted heavy bolter

7. Leman Russ Demolisher (old white metal edition) with hull mounted las cannon

8. Manticore with hull mounted heavy bolter. The launch device is fully movable.

9. AT-43 (OOP) rules bundle consisting of:
- German rules book
- English Operation Damocles initiation booklet
- English U.N.A. Army book
- English ONI Army book
- English Red Blok Army book
- English Operation Damocles Campaign book
- 3 AT-43 rulers

10. DUST Warfare 1st Edition:
- Core Rulebook
- Campaign Book Zverograd

11. DUST Collectibles:
- DUST Sourcebook
- DUST Wars Comic

12. Freebooters Fate:
- German rules book (korrigierte Ausgabe)
- Gaming Cards

Book and cards as good as new

13. Games Workshop Craters complete
package was only opened to check content

14. Flames of War rules bundle:
- FoW 2nd (?!) edition (Old edition)
- Atlantik Wall source book
- Cassino source book (OOP)
- Blitzkrieg source book
- Fate of a Nation expansion

Books as good as new
40,- €

15. Tobsen77 Libelle
in original packaging

16. Barrage Miniatures Italian Motorlance Landing Craft 28mm
Note: Miniature for scale only!

17. The Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Russian bundle consisting of:
- Russian Infantry in summer uniform
- Russian Infantry heavy weapons
- Russian ZIS 2/3 anti tank and field gun

all boxes are complete only a few figures of the infantry set were cut from the sprue and base coated

18. The Plastic Soldier Company Allied M5 Halftrack box (5 vehicles with british crew)

19. Foundry Great War German infantry advancing with Pickelhaube

20. Schilling Figuren 28mm ACW Confederate soldiers with wounded

21. Warlord Games resin 28mm Churchill AVRE tank
tank is assembled and base coated, afaik no parts are missing. No crew figures included.

22. Citadel Warhammer 40k Terrain piece with abandoned chimera (OOP)
Sandbags and various equipment items were added, gaps were filled. For more pictures send me a mail.

23. Heer46 Panzerjäger 50t E-50
Set is complete

24. Heer46 Panzerjäger 75t E-75
Set is complete

25. DUST Tactics Allied Walker bundle:
- Steel Rain
- Hot Dog
- Rattler

No cards included

additional turrets for Steel Rain, Hot Dog and Cobra as well as muzzles for 3 Hot Dogs and gun barrel for 1 Pounder included. Actually I don't really now what walker that f****ing floating kit belongs to but I suspect it was the Rattler's. It was carefully removed and no parts are missing.

26. DUST Tactics Allied Infantry 33 miniatures bundle:
- 3 Guys with flamer
- 2 guys with bazooka rocket launcher
- 3 guys with HMG
- 7 guys with pump guns
- 15 guys with rifles
- 3 heavy armored infantry with rocket packs and grenade/ rocket launchers

27. Grind house Games  Incursion Board Game
The game is complete and in mint condition. It was only ever played once.


  1. Good luck with the sale! Planning on buying more Forged in Battle oe something WWII?:-)


  2. Best of luck, looks like some bargains there.

  3. All the best in your sale. I'm guessing most of us miniature painters have too much stuff in our collection that needs to be sold. :)

  4. I would like to buy your dust tactics comics and source book