24 May 2014

The Great War Project #5: Russian Shocktroopers

I'm back from my holidays in sunny Italy. After a week of sun and absolutely fantastic food this means back to business. I didn't even try to catch up with all the blog posts I missed so my sincere apologies to all of you.

Yesterday, after a hand full of sleep after all night driving, I finished the bases on my first full squad of tsarist Russian Shocktroops.

11 May 2014

Fall of the western Empire 16: 2nd base of Roman archers

This week I painted up the figures for my 2nd base of late Roman archers for Dux Bellorum. This brings me to a total of 31 of 32 recommended points for DB.
The missing point I think I'll fill up with some frankish mercenary skirmishers for now.

04 May 2014

A small village in Germania

Despite not beeing overly productive over the last month I managed to finish a few items for my Dark Age gaming.
At Tactica I bought the superb Viking Civilians by Wargames Foundry.
I think they're not only usable for Vikings but also will do just fine for any civilians throughout the Dark Ages.
Trouble in the village