20 February 2015

14th submission to the challenge - More 28mm Greyscale Viet Minh (31 points)

I'm still recovering from a nasty flu which knocked me out for over a week. While being quite pleased with my progress over the Challenge so far I find it always rather hard to get the juices flowing again once I hit the proverbial wall.

15 February 2015

13th submission to the challenge: 28mm First Indochina Viet Minh in Greyscale (67 Points)

First of all my apologies for not having commented on your blogs lately. A nasty flu has knocked me out cold and while I was following your progress I simply didn't feel like trying to make 'clever' sounding comments while the eyes hurt and the head spun.
But the flu has ebbed away and I'm back at the brushes again and I'll comment on your blogs again like the complete smart ass I am ;-)

Furthermore I haven't posted my latest progress on the challenge so here's my last submission:

01 February 2015

12th submission to the challenge: 28mm German Support Weapons & HQ (38 Points)

I'm still adding to my Blitzkrieg Germans and this week saw me finishing two more Support Weapons teams and some HQ selections. All figures are Warlord Games again. Beeing metal figures they originally feature heads from Warlords 'Seperate Head System' but as I didn't like them, due to their over exaggerated facial expressions, I used left overs from my plastic Blitzkrieg Germans.