20 April 2014

DUST Tactics in Greyscale

Well, since I stumbled over Curt's WW1 in Greyscale project over on his blog I knew I had to try this out one day. As I recently started a spring clean out I found these two figures from the game DUST Tactics and suddenly inspiration struck.

13 April 2014

Thought of the day: Burn the Heretic!

Well...  there wasn't or better still isn't much going on at Moiti towers painting wise since Curts painting challenge. To some point this has something to do with some kind of painting burn out which grabbed me after submitting the last figures. Well, to be honest my output already slowed down significantly during the last few weeks of the challenge but over the last weeks afterwards it virtually ground to a stand still.
On the other hand an unusual warm and sunny spring (Up to 27°C at some days) in this part of the world ment a sudden increase of time spent at work.

To get back on track I decided it was time to paint something I wouldn't normally do. With this in mind I went for my local dealer and after some time I came up with a pack of those new snap fit stuff GW started to produce since one of the latest editions of their 40k ruleset. So these Cultists were the first miniatures I bought from the evil empire in years. Except for some of their Black Library publications, which are great stuff for a Dark-SciFi addict like me, I don't normally bother about anything they produce because of their pricing and attitude towards their customers... but I disgress.

Despite painting this little guy took me some days due to work and other commitments I'm really pleased with the outcome.