Mittwoch, 3. Januar 2018

Reinforcements for la Legión

My first post in the new year and I'm back to a project from last years Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. Back then I started what was to become my main project for the whole of 2017, i.e. a force for gaming the Spanish Civil War. I settled on starting with the rather fetching Spanish foreign legion but it inevitably became two forces as I simply couldn't pass by all those lovely Republicans on offer from Empress Miniatures.
Still, I'm back to reinforce la Legión in order to finally get in some games using Chain of Command from the TooFatLardies.

Initially I had planned to submit these in the old year still, but that plan of course fared the same fate as every plan ever derived by men. Thus these still sat on my painting table, albeit only needing a few  more brush strokes, when the clock announced the arrival of yet another year.
Somehow it's always the same. A new year comes but the old year still isn't completely over as there's still work left that needs attention.

To add a splash of colour to these lads I decided to add rank insignia to a few. These will also come in handy for CoC as one should be able to distinguish his 'big men' from the common grunts.
The figures used were a mix of Legionaries and Falangists. The main difference between these two forces is -as far as the figures are concerned- the Legion is still sporting the older M08 webbing while the Falange uses the regular Spanish webbing. Historically that's accurate for the beginning of the war, but later on the M08 got successively replaced by the regular webbing.

Over the last year I've changed some of my painting recipes, so these don't match perfectly with my older figures, but do merge well enough. With these done I'm confident to have enough figures for both sides to finally get in a game. But as I seemingly can't get enough of this period there are already more waiting in the painting queue.
These will have to wait a few days though, as at the time you're reading this we're already away for a short trip to Rome. Finally I'll see the wonders of the eternal city.
I wonder if this'll mean a possible reorientation in the painting queue? Well, we'll see soon enough I guess.

So, all in all these are sixteen 28mm figures and thus should add another 80 points to my tally. Over and out!