26 February 2013

Impressions from Tactica 2013

This weekend Mike (http://dreispitz.blogspot.de), Chris (http://christopher-bunkerhill.blogspot.de/), Franz (Sorry, no Blog^^) and me made a trip to the Tactica 2013 in Hamburg.
The weekend was great and we had a lot of fun.
We met a lot of nice people and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Beside the traders (where I almost not only spent all my money but my soul^^) there were lots of great looking tables. Unfortunately because of the overflow of impressions I didn't manage to take pictures of all the tables though all of them would have earned it.
And for those I photographed I don't always remember who made them :-)

So now on to the pictures!

First of all the amazing "Adventures in Bruegelburg" table using the Bruegelburg Miniatures Range by Lead Adventure Miniatures.

19 February 2013

Fall of the western Empire 11: Late Roman Warband ready for battle

These days I finished the last three mounted Palatinae/ Advocati and now I'am finally done with my Late Roman Warband. Unfortunately I've forgotten to take pictures of the last group of Comitatenses I completed last week.
I have to admit it was hard to stay focused especially in the last few weeks particularly as I normaly am some kind of project hopper.
I don't think this project is realy finished for long but it feels great to say so.
As I started the warband I never would have believed that I'll need four months to get 54 figures done but better late than never.

At first a groupshot of warband in all its pride:

If I'll have enough sparetime after our trip to Tactica this weekend I`ll try to get some better pictures done.

04 February 2013

Fall of the western Empire 10: Comitatenses!

Yesterday I finished the first eight Comitatenses for my Warband. They were sitting on my shelf almost finished for some days now as I was to lazy to give them the final varnish and do the basing.
Anyway... 5pts. ready two more to go.