Sonntag, 25. August 2013

Rush for Berlin 11: Assault rifles & Panzerfäuste

This week I'm a bit proud on myself as I finally managed to get my ass back on the painting table.
As a result I got some new men for my Bolt Action late war Germans ready for battle.

Freitag, 16. August 2013

Rush for Berlin 10: New riflemen & a bit of conversion

I'm not painting that much at the moment but I'm not totally lazy. I spent the last view days converting some of the German Infantry by Artizan Designs. As I don't really like the tiny weapons they have modeled on, I had to replace them, using the new metal StG44's and spare weapons from the german plastic weapon sprues by Warlord Games.

Samstag, 3. August 2013

Incursion the Boardgame heading for a Re-Release

Normally I'm not thet enthusiastic about all this Kickstarter stuff, but this one really got me excited. One of the (in my opinion) best boardgames ever get's re-released:


I really enjoyed playing  the first edition using the Die-cut markers that came with the game, as the metal figures were far to expensive in my opinion. To be honest even the Kickstarter is far from cheap, especially considering eventual taxes as it's sent from the U.S., but quite a lot cheaper than the original game with additional metal miniatures.
So I may recommend to you heading over to and having a look yourself.

As I've always been a big fan of Pulp-WWII (actually it got me into wargaming) and with some 'After '45' paperboard tanks like the APC Kätzchen due to release from different companies like Die Waffenkammer or the giant Maus (well actually no paperboard tank) from Blitzkrieg Miniatures I can see myself fighting for or maybe against the survival of the Reich once more.