23 March 2014

A mixed bag of AWI, WW2 & Late Romans - 12th and last Painting Challenge Entry

So now as this years painting challenge came to a close it's back to normal business. But first here's my last entry to the challenge for you:

19 March 2014

Death of King Arthur - 11th Painting Challenge Entry

As the "4th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge" is coming to a close it's the last time for me to urge you to pop over on Curt's blog to vote for your favourite entry in the last "Fortnight Bonus Themed Round". This round is called "Last Stand" and you'll see there are some pretty stunning interpretations of of the topic.

 This was maybe the only themed bonus round I knew what to submit for from the beginning. Originally I had intended this set for use on a scenic base for Impetus but as I had it lying untouched on my desk for what felt like ages the "Last stand" themed round gave me the excuse I needed to finally paint it. The set is called "Death of Arthur" and is from Westwind Miniatures nice 28mm Arthurian range.

As Comitatus didn't show up with their Gripping Beast and Musketeer stuff at Tactica (Yes, I'm still a little pissed off) I had to cancel my plan for doing an Impetus sized (and styled) base for lack of miniatures. Instead I decided to go for a larger round base and maybe use it later as some kind of rally point or opportunity marker. For the standard I originally planed to use a more stylish one. It was attached to the pole already, weathered and battle worn but due to some nasty incident including glue and me being all fingers and thumbs I had to switch to this one.

Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed!

04 March 2014

Last orders from High Command - 10th Painting Challenge Entry

The latest Fortnight Theme Bonus Round of Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge was entitled "Favourite Characters" Many participants not only submitted stunningly awesome painted figures but also told interesting stories about why it's their favourite character. The poll is still open so feel free to pop over and nominate your most favourites of all these fabulous entries.

Finding a suitable set of figures for this themed bonus round proofed to be quite a challenge for me. I simply had no idea what figures to use as 'character' is quite open to interpretation.

02 March 2014

Step by step: Splinter pattern camouflage

A few people have asked me to do a quick tutorial about my approach to WWII splinter pattern or officially "Buntfarbenmuster 31".

01 March 2014

Late Roman Cavalry & Archers - 9th Painting Challenge Entry

One of my goals for the challenge was to paint up the Late Roman figures I have in my lead pile. As the end of the challenge grows closer I'm slowly running out of time for this. So here are two heavy cavalry and two archers from Musketeer Miniatures.