Freitag, 26. Mai 2017

Even more Red & Green Devils

While I'm rather productive at the moment as far as painting is concerned, I've become quite lazy when it comes to posting the results of said productivity. Painting wise I felt like continuing with my Italian campaign WW2 project. First off is a command group for the Red Devils

As ever these are Paul Hicks sculpts and a joy to paint. It would be a shame should Warlord Games decide to discontinue this line in favour of their new plastic Paratroopers. Of course I've already made moves to counter such an eventuality and got myself a few sections worth of metal miniatures. These should last me a few years ;-)

And second for today are some more reinforcements for my Fallschirmjäger. I've still a few vehicles and assorted bips and bops left to finish, so I hope you're not getting overly bored by now. While not I'm definitely no fan of Perry metals I'm still considering getting hold of some of their Fallschirmjäger to round out my force even more. 

And some close ups:

Have a nice weekend!

Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017

The eagle has landed

Only the shortest of posts as I don't have much time to spare currently but wanted to share my latest progress nonetheless.
I'm still in painting mood and still trying out my new camera. I'm getting quite comfortable now with all those 'auto modes' but am still struggling with the finer points of such niceties like ISO, shutter time and so on...