Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016

Zombicide Survivors

August is almost upon us and somehow it seems to me like 2016 is going to be the "Can't get my finger out" kind of year. Well, it's how it is and complaining never has changed anything, eh?
So here's the latest progress in my uphill struggle against the lead mountain:

These fellas are from the Zombicide board game made by Guillotine Games. Some might remember my earlier takes on some of the survivors from the original core game.
The well dressed chap in the middle is Bill the former prison director, a special promo miniature. Most (or all?) of the Zombicide characters are modeled after famous movie characters. But as I almost never watch any TV I unfortunately don't know on whom this figure is based.

The two other guys are from the "Angry Neighbors" expansion. Being companions (i.e. NPC's) rather than actual survivors I based them on clear acrylic washers to make it easier to distinguish these from the rest. The fellow on the left is dubbed 'Gunman' and I felt it appropriate to make him look like an elderly member of a biker gang.
The companion on the right runs under the label 'Handyman'. Being a craftsman by profession I simply couldn't resist the temptation to paint him up in my companies colors.

So that's it for this time. Have a nice sunday!


  1. They are stunning! Great work.

  2. Absolutely....!
    The companions are fabulous, but Bill is a masterpiece in Black&White.

  3. My word those are absolutely stunning! Fabulous work Nick, really, really good.

  4. Absolutely fantastic painting Nick! Really excellent tones on these guys. We should play this game one day.


  5. Oh, what a great characters! fantastic brush work!

  6. Very fine detailed figures and wonderful painted. Congrats, Nick.

  7. Wahnsinns Job, besonders wie Du die Gesichter hinbekommst setzt mich immer wieder aufs Neue in Erstaunen!

  8. Very nice. The two rednecks are all the more sinister because of the sharp dressed fellow in the middle - he looks the meanest!
    Well done.

  9. Super characters! Well done capturing them so perfectly :)

  10. Amazing paintjobs! Nice idea tying their role to their former "occupation" with the biker jacket, and company logo!

  11. Oh my goodness. That is superb work! I already consider your work to be excellent but these are simply amazing. You seem to have found yet another gear to shift up to. Simply amazing! :)

  12. These are bloody stunning. Id love to know the flesh colours you used as they are different from your usual I'm sure.

    1. Thank you very much! And yes, I've tried something new this time using Foundry 61C Peaty Brown Light as the Base colour and added Vallejo Game Colour 72.003 Pale Flesh in increasing quantity for the highlights. Hope this helps.