29 April 2019

Review - Perry Miniatures US Infantry 1942-45

Well, I don't normally do any reviews on here but I felt the latest plastic release by the Perry brothers warranting a change in routine.

But first things first:
Neither did I receive the miniatures for reviewing purposes, nor was I offered any compensations in order to do so. Also I don't have any affiliations to any of the companies named in this article. Thus all of the below is purely my (completely subjective) opinion and thus you may feel free to disagree with my conclusions.

26 April 2019

Autoblinda 43 - SdKfz 203(i) - 3D print

My first forays into 3D printing are starting to pay off. I found the file for the Italian AB 43 armoured car over on Wargaming 3D and thought it'd be perfect to see how 3D printed models would work in 28mm. I have a few minor niggles with the spare wheels not looking like the real thing and there not being a choice for open or closed hatches being the biggest of my issues. Also it's lacking a few minor details like the antennae and headlights but other than that it's a very nice model and considering the file is available for free makes it a real steal. I added a few details (antennae, stowage and headlights) from my bits box and must say I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.