19 December 2020

9th SS Hohenstaufen - Jagdpanzer IV L/48

 It's only a couple of days, well more like a couple of hours till the Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is about to start. It's the 11th iteration of this bout of hobby madness and I'm pleased to report I've been... ahem... volunteered to act as a minion by our esteemed Snow-Overlord Curt.
After a somewhat challenging year I'm rather looking forward to indulge myself in the fun and banter the Painting Challenge provides aplenty year after year. 

My hobby output was rather sparse throughout the year as I frankly didn't have the best of years, neither job wise nor privately. I'm pretty certain that most of you out there will have had similar experiences so instead of dwelling too much on what has been a f***er of a year, let us just look forward to a -hopefully- better 2021.

05 December 2020

9th SS "Hohenstaufen" - Support Squad

I'm still happily beavering away on my SS force for Arnhem. The core three squads are done, so here's a fourth squad as a support choice. In order to differentiate these from the core squads I gave them camouflage equipment in the autumnal version of the Oak Leaf camouflage pattern. A small tutorial is to follow soonish... once I find my bloody phone.