26 July 2015

Late War German Infantry Squad

Progress at last! These guys were sitting on my painting table for the better part of two months and finally they're done. Somehow a combination of the almost unbearable heat here, listlessness and painting blockade conspired against me to get these buggers off the table.

19 July 2015

Best Birthday present ever!

Last year in September I had my 30th Birthday and ingenious like my beloved Missus is she gave me a very special Birthday present which I finally was able to enjoy on friday.

Some of you might remember an earlier post of mine about the "Alte Tante Ju" making sightseeing flights over some German towns (for those of you who don't here's the link). From that day on every time I heard the distinctive sound of her engines from above one could see me standing on my roof-deck or tightly pressing my nose to one of the roof windows like a little child. As the Missus finally had enough of cleaning the windows of nose and finger prints she thought it fitting to bestow such an flight upon me for my Birthday. To tell the truth it didn't really stop me from continuing my obsession and even now having enjoyed the trip of my life I'm running for the windows as soon as I hear her fly over.

So without much further ado here's some selected impressions I took to share with you:

here she is in all her splendour as seen from the gate