24 September 2016

More Fallschirmjäger support weapons

Despite some rather busy weeks at work I've still managed to continue work on my my Fallschirmjäger platoon in the form of some more support weapons. The Fallschirmjäger list released in the "Duel in the sun" supplement for Bolt Action doesn't allow for support in form of vehicles and heavier anti-tank guns than the odd 3,7cm PaK 36 or schwere Panzerbüchse 41. Thus when wanting to field this list I'm rather limited when it comes to anti-tank capability. At least till the new Armies of Germany supplement for Bolt Action 2nd Edition is released in November that is.

11 September 2016

Russian Civil War - Kornilov Command Stand

No, no Fallschirmjäger this time... yes, promised!
For various reasons, both private and job related, I didn't have much spare time lately. So progress on the Fallschirmjäger came to an abrupt halt. You know how this works: Finish line in sight you simply HAVE to switch to another project for fear of actually finishing a project, or at least as close to finishing as we wargamers will ever come with any given project. Instead I finally finished the basing for a White Russian command stand I had sitting around for quite a while now.

04 September 2016

3rd Fallschirmjäger Squad

And again another squad of Fallschirmjäger is ready to join the ranks and defend the rubble strewn streets of Italy against the allied juggernaut.