24 October 2021

[20mm] Airborne Jeep with German & British Crew

As some of you may be aware, my good friend Curt of analogue-hobbies.blogspot.com fame and I have a miniature exchange ongoing. Not sure for how long but by now a fair few figures have crossed the Atlantic either way to find residence on another continent. For this years figure I was at first at a loss as what to paint, when Curt made a fleeting remark about wanting to do a force for OP Market Garden at some point. And there it was my inspiration. 

Picture taken from https://europeremembers.com

17 October 2021

[20mm] 3rd German Squad and some support

Again some time has passed by since my last post. And actuallyI got some more reinforcements for my Germans done. As before these are from the superb range of 20mm WW2 figures by AB Figures.