27 March 2020

Revisiting the French-Indochina War in Greyscale

Has it really been five years since I've last worked on this project? Feels like yesterday really. I've never completely forgotten about the project and always intended to get back to it. But frankly I was intimidated by painting camouflage using this technique. I wasn't quite happy with my first take, but never quite could put my finger on the why. But when our beloved Over-Snowlord let me choose one of three tasks in order to claim the price for climbing SnowLord's Peak I decided to finally man up and tackle this particular problem.

Figures by Empress Miniatures

20 March 2020

Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry - 1st Section... and some KSK

Being ordered to stay at home for the day till the company has decided on how we field-service technicians are best and safest to proceed with our jobs in face of the virus I've taken the chance to take pictures of finished stuff. These lads have been sitting on my desk for a few days now as I haven't had found the time to finish the basing. 

16 March 2020

Some much needed terrain at last

First I have to apologize for my lack of comments both on the Challenge blog but also on your individual blogs. Live has suddenly gone crazy around here and there wasn't much time for anything hobby related. That said since the start of the painting challenge I've been doing something rather unusual for me. I've been slowly but steadily adding to my terrain collection to a point where I feel I have enough buildings to comfortably fill a table. What I need now is some scatter terrain like fences, billboards, road signs and the like.

01 March 2020

Cars and the issue of the "perfect" scale

One thing I really love about 3D printing is the possibility to get my grubby mittens on stuff otherwise not commercially available in 28mm. And I can scale it to my own visual preference as well...