29 May 2013

Fall of the western Empire 13: First archer

Not much of an update here though I wanted to show you how my archers will look like.

 Figure is again from the Arthurian Range by Westwind.
The bow was bent in shape for better mixing up with the Musketeer archers.

Hope you like it.

25 May 2013

Fall of the western Empire 12: Reinforcements & Fatigue markers

Haven't really been very busy over the last weeks but came round to paint some figures for my Late Romans. As I'm planning to use my warband for 'Dux Britanniarum' from the Toofatlardies at some point in the future I needed a new warlord, two heroes and an champion. Also I decided to paint a musician who will be my bard and two monks for spiritual assistance.

13 May 2013

The South will rise again 1: First trial figures

Back from vacation I photographed some trial figures I finished before leaving Germany for some days in the sun. As the rather pathetic title allready suggests it's about Confederates for the American Civil War.
With the release of the new plastics Confederates by Perry-Miniatures I decided to finally give the whole ACW  thing a go.

02 May 2013

Rush for Berlin 6: MG-34 & Rifleman added/ SAGA: Late Romans vs. Vikings

Finally finished the last of the ordinary footsloggers for my Luftwaffenfelddivision.
As Artizan don't do a late war guy carrying a MG-34 I did a little conversion on a former MG-42  shooter giving him the barrel of a plastics MG-34 from Warlord Games. Still need some guys with Gewehr 43...unfortunately There aren't any available from Artizan.