27 November 2021

Eldar Rangers

Once in a blue moon I feel like doing some Sci-Fi stuff, preferably set in GW's Warhammer 40k universe. Even if the chance of me playing one of their rulesets is impossibly remote, I still am quite a fan of the setting. Or at least of the setting as it was about 10 years ago... but that's probably due to me slowly but steadily becoming old and grumpy.

01 November 2021

Waffen-SS Eichentarn Winter Colour Guide

Well, OK. I've promised to write this Colour Guide for way too lang already. And in actual fact I already posted it on Twitter way back, but as that's not really the most well suited platform for such a thing, I thought I should finally get my finger out and post it over here as well. For posterity so to speak ;-)