28 September 2014

M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun, Medic and Sniper

Some more reinforcements for my newly acquired WW2 US Army.
Figures are a mix of Artizan Designs and Warlord Games.

15 September 2014

M8 Greyhound and Deuce '2 and a half trucks'

Normally today I wanted to presented a squad of early war Germans here to accompany my recently finished Panzer II. Or some more 15mm U.S. Paratroopers to reinforce my troops for Battlegroup. But as Wayland don't get my Paratroopers on their way and me having a sudden attack of wargamers ADHD I changed plans so today here's something I haven't even had on my screen till last week.

01 September 2014

On to Moscow! - Panzerkampfwagen II

As I pretty much like anything WW2 (and especially German) related I decided to start a little early war side project. I was pondering about doing the desert war with the nice Artizan range of figures but as my local dealer had some of the rather nice 'Blitzkrieg Germans' from Warlord Games I went for those. On the plus side I can use my Soviets as opponents and only need to do some early war reinforcements like maybe a BA-6 and/ or BT-10...