31 December 2021

[20mm] German & Soviet Support

Well, the last day of the year is finally upon us and the 12th iteration of The Painting Challenge is already well underway. SoI thought it best to finally take pictures of the last stuff I managed to finish before the latter kicked off. There are still a few half finished items sitting on the shelf, but these will either have to wait till after the challenge, or I'll have to bite the bullet and miss out on points. 

Also I want to take the opportunity to thank fellow blogger Airhead from "Take The High Ground" blog, who pointed me into the right direction in regards to my problems with commenting on your blogs. Thanks Airhead!

Anyway, on to todays offerings I'd say.

23 December 2021

[20mm] First Canadian Squad

I'm still experiencing problems with Blogger on my Apple devices. Instead of getting better it's getting worse. Somehow I have the feeling they're trying to force me to use their bloomin' Chrome browser as every other browser I've used so far wouldn't work. So apologies (again) to all the fine people on who's blog I failed to comment. 

Todays offerings are my first painted squad of Canadians. I've painted them as PPCLI (Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry) as I want to use them for Italy in the long run. That said I won't be shy and will field them in France just as well.

12 December 2021

[20mm] German Support Options

With the Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge looming large on the horizon it's about high time that I clear my backlog of as of yet unpublished figures. It's actually not that much, mind. And as I don't even own some of them anymore anyway I can't actually show them all.
Still, my 20mm Germans needed some more support options. So here are the first of hopefully a whole lot more.

02 December 2021

More SciFi - Oldhammer Delaque for Necromunda

First of all I do have to apologize to all of you on whose blogs I've failed to comment. For once it's not due to me being a lazy sod, I swear. For weeks now I've been having issues with blogger on my Apple devices. On some blogs my comments simply disappear. I've not quite worked out why, but it seems rather consistent. There are blogs I do have absolutely zero issues with commenting on and then there are those where my comments vanish into thin air... until very recently I thought it had to do with comment moderation and that my comments needed to be moderated first. But alas, no such thing. I'll of course try to work out the issue, but till then all I can do is to apologize to you for not commenting.

With that out of the way, now onto the main reason for this post:

Following on from last weeks Eldar today it's the turn of a few classic Delaque miniatures to have their place in the lime light. Back when Necromunda was first released I always had an eye on the game, but being young and broke meant I never got into it. Looking back it'd probably have made more sense to collect one or two gangs of Necromunda instead of trying (and of course failing) to collect an Imperial Guard army with the meagre means at my disposal. Oh well, the folly of youth...