21 April 2013

Sweetwater Forum - Miniature Exchange

The little sparetime I had over the last couple of days I used to get the figure done I recieved  for the `Miniature Exchange` on Sweetwater Forum.
For the `Miniature Exchange` you get a figure to paint from another chap taking part and send a miniature of your choice to somebody else. As I never did any kind of comissional painting it was a nice challenge to paint up something I didn't choose myself.

So I ended up splashing some paint on some sort of cowboy... I have to admit I really have no clue what make this figure is. As I never really was into this whole Wild West kind of thing, except playing cowboy and redskin in my childhood, it was completely virgin soil for me.
Therefore I hope the result is ok:



Thank you for watching!

16 April 2013

Rush for Berlin 5: German Reinforcements

As spring has finally arrived in Germany too, it has been a bit quiet around here. Mainly because the workload increased, but also because I got a bit lazy over the last weeks.
So I needed about two weeks to get the next seven guys for my Luftwaffenfelddivision done.

I decided to paint up some more footsloggers to get a bit pf variation in my list.
So three soldiers with StG 44, three soldiers with Panzerfaust and a Medic are done.

First the hole bunch:

03 April 2013

Rush for Berlin 4: Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf. C

After some kind of painting-frenzy I finished my first AVF for Operation Squad.
After having seen it already on Tactica (though I didn't had any money left) I had to get one of the new plastics Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf. C, also known as Hanomag, from Warlord Games.

First of all I've to say it's a great kit! Easy assembly, no irritating mouldlines and quite crisp casting.
The pieces fit together perfectly and building this kit is definitely lots of fun... even for me being all fingers and thumbs as I hate more sophisticated kits.  I think I'll have to get the plastics T-34 for my russians, too. Hopefully Warlord will release some other plastics kits in the future.

Now on to the pictures:

01 April 2013

Rush for Berlin 3: Luftwaffen Felddivision

As this week my order from Artizan Designs and Miniaturicum finaly arrived I instantly started painting.
Painting a Luftwaffenfelddivision (Air Force-Fielddivision) is something I wanted to do for a long time. With my Soviets recently finished for Operation Squad I decided to give it a go.

First of the mandatory 500 pts. Squad: