30 November 2014

22 November 2014

First German rifle squad

Having been in some kind of an "Early War" painting francy lately I managed to painted my first squad in about six days. If I could only always get my stuff done that fast :-)

15 November 2014

Early War German Specialists

Some might remember the Panzer II I painted a few weeks back. Over the past few days I finally came round to start painting some accompanying Infantry.


08 November 2014

First Indochina in Greyscale and the 5th Analogue Hobbies Annual Painting Challenge

Recently I mentioned a secret project I'm working on and now is time to show it off. Inspired by Curts amazing "Great War in Greyscale" project as well as his take on the "First Indochina War" I decided to combine both projects into one. But what was still missing was the impetus to get going.

06 November 2014

A new Dux Brittaniarum Campaign...

On sunday Chris and I had another go at the TFL's Dux Britaniarum. As the last campaign was almost done (with the british beeing almost constantly beaten) and me having lost the character sheets of my Nobles during the summers renovation we decided to start a new one. To prevent me from loosing my stuff again I decided to keep track of my characters' developement and the general events of the campaign on a dedicated site on this blog.

The first game was to be a raid on a small british farmstead. We set up the table and I thought I was lucky when rolling for my entry point and coming out next to the farm. But as Chris rolled for how much head start he would have before my forces would arrive my luck ran out. He had three full movements with his Saxons before I was able to deploy my British.

The battlefield
The Saxon force

03 November 2014

Fall of the western Empire 19: More Comitatenses

Well, it's been a while since I did some figures for my late Romans. But as Chris lately finished a base of lovely cataphracts I remembered I also had some half finished Foundry Late Romans in my painting queue. Then our arrangement for a game yesterday (more on that in a later post) gave me the final impulse to finally finish up those poor buggers.