Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

The Great War Project #3: Not home before the leaves fall...

A flooded Amazon of steel flowed roaring, immensely fast, over our heads and the machine gun bullets made a pattern of sharper purpose and maniac language against that diluvian rush. Flaring lights, small ones, great ones, flew up and went spinning sideways in the cloud of night; one's eyes seemed not quick enough; one heard nothing from one's shouting neighbour.

Lieutnant Edmund Blunden, 11th Royal Sussex Regiment during the third battle of Ypres.
Taken from 'The Great War: 1914-1918' by Peter Hart.

Almost finished standing on my workbench were two German heavy weapon teams. Today I did the last touch ups on the bases and here they are:

German 'Granatwerfer 16' from Great War Miniatures:

German 'Maxim' heavy machine gun from Great War Miniatures:

These figures again were  a joy to paint but some of 'em really had some bad misscasts.

I'm hoping to get my last Great War Germans done at least till next friday. Yesterday I found some more figures I've totally forgotten about in an old packing case and decided to include them into my 'to paint' queue for the challenge. This weekend I'll try to basecoat all the stuff so I can take a week off from painting before the challenge starts.

I hope you enjoyed and thanks for viewing! 


  1. Nice figures and super brush work. Like those oak leaves too :)

  2. Beautiful to look at, and so deadly! All of the fine detail in the basing...just wow!

    I need to go back and look at what rules you'll be using for your WW I.

    1. Thank you Monty. As for the rules I'm planing to use a mix of Bolt Action and Great War from Warhammer Historical.

  3. Stunning paint work !

    Love all the details you put on the bases, rifles, grenades, planks and the outstanding autum leafs.

    Have a realy good weekend !

    Best regards Michael

  4. These are both awesome, look forward to seeing more.

  5. Eine sehr interessante Zeit, der du dich da angenommen hast. Die Minis sehen wirklich sehr schön aus, die Bases toppen sie jedoch fast noch. gefallen mir wirklich sehr gut!

  6. Großartige Bemalung für sich alleine und mit dieser Base: Absolute Klasse ! Wie lange arbeitest Du daran ?

    1. Danke dir! An beiden Basen zusammen habe ich Alles in Allem wahrscheinlich so um die 12 Stunden gesessen.

  7. The standard of painting on the figures and the attention to detail on the bases are superb and make these top of the glass shelf in anyone's cabinet.

  8. Lovely work! I really like the saturated colour palette you're using. It reminds me of Sidney Roundwood's work but unique to your own style. Very nice.