Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Afghanistan - A Photography Book

I don't normally post about things not related to wargaming in any form. This special Kickstarter really gripped me by the heart though:

Afghanistan - A Photography Book

from the Kickstarter: 
'Portraits that reflect on war's consequences; a photo book about the German army in northern Afghanistan.


I started this project four years ago and am thrilled to have the opportunity to present it at the Sepulkralmuseum in the Spring of 2014.
Since the exhibition is only going to be on display for a few months, I feel it important to create something more enduring.
A book can deepen the story when paired with an exhibition, and having lived with the layouts I see a new story unfolding every time I flip through. There will be many more images than in the exhibition, and the book will allow for a more in-depth storytelling flow.
It has been an enriching and rewarding experience to build this book, and I am looking for your help now to turn this project into something that can be shared in a lasting way.
Thank you.'

Acceptance for service in the Bundeswehr leaves much to be desired over here in Germany. This unfortunately includes respect for those beeing killed, injured or traumatized during their service. Contrary to the U.S.or Great Britain e.g. where you can speak proudly about your friend or brother serving for his fatherland, there's even almost no sympathy for those left at home in constant fear for their loved ones. Therefore I think it's of great importance to bring the stories of these brave men and women to public. Maybe this project helps to ease the tensions between us Germans and our armed forces.
As I know my brother will leave for duty in Afghanistan some time next year it's a special personal interest to me, too. Therefore I'm happy to participate and wish Jens Umbach good luck with the project.


  1. Hello Nick. I had no idea your brother was going to Afghanistan you both have my full support for your upcoming trials and my very best wishes and good luck.

    All the best,

  2. I didn't realize the lack of acceptance for service. That is a damned shame. Like Christopher says, best wishes for your brother.

  3. Thank you both. In some ways I'm happy for my brother having the chance to serve our country. I know there are thousands of other families out there (regardless of nationality) praying for the save return of their loved ones also. So no reason for panic as he's not there yet and he won't be alone if he is.

  4. My fore bearers came to Scotland from Germany around 1900.
    I had no idea of the situation for those in the military and their families in Germany now!
    All the very best to your brother in the important work he is embarking on.