Saturday, 2 November 2013

Rush for Berlin 16: Volkswagen Typ 82 (Kübelwagen)

While lots of you fellow Bloggers probably enjoy a day at Crisis in Antwerp I finished my Luftwaffenfelddivision for 'Bolt Action'. For now my last addition to the force is the Volkswagen Typ 82 or better known as Kübelwagen.

The model is from 'Warlord Games' again. The officer on the backseat is the 'SS-Obersturmführer Michael Wittmann' figure you get when purchasing the 'Wittmann Tiger'. I had to cut off his legs to make him fit into the backseat. Instead of painting him as Wittmann I decided to make him a StuG commander by painting his collarpieces and the rim on the shoulderbadges in Artillery red. The driver recieved standard Luftwaffe-yellow collarpieces. Officially these were not worn anymore after spring 1943 but some individuals still kept them.

After quite exactly seven months of painting my Felddivision is as ready as a wargaming army ever will be. In this time I managed to paint:
-2 Halftracks
-1 Opel Blitz
-1 Elefant
-1 Puma
-1 PaK 40
-1 Kübelwagen
-53 Footsloggers

On monday I'll hopefully revieve my new cam and then I'll make an armyshot.

Thanks for viewing.


  1. Superb work! Mudding, camo, all the fine details are here. I'm looking forward to the army shot.

  2. That looks amazing, I love the mud effect.

  3. Very nice, some beautiful details!

  4. Excellent work yet again Nick and I really like the new blog makeover!


  5. Nice stuff indeed :) That mud effect is is that done?

    1. I simply brushed on Vallejo Pigmentfixer and applied the pigments (Forgeworld 'Light Earth') by simply stippling them on the areas you want to be muddy using an old brush. Maybe it's necessary to go over the pigments with a second coat of Pigmentfixer.
      I hope I could help you.

  6. Greate paint work !

    Best regards Michael

  7. Wonderful painting and a good idea with the Wittmann figure.

  8. Cracking great job! I really like what you've done with the Wittmann figure - the mod turned out very nicely.

  9. Very beatiful model, very beatiful paint, as always a perfect job.