17 November 2013

The Great War Project #2: Tending the wounded

'Take cover!' Too late: I fell on one knee on the ground. A sudden shock went through my left arm. It's behind me, bleeding profusely. I want to straighten it: I cannot. I want to get up: I cannot. I look at my arm as it shudders with the shock of a second bullet, and the blood pours from a second hole. My knees are stuck to the ground as if my body was made out of lead, my head bowed. Before my eyes a scrap of material jerks, the dull thud of a third bullet. Dully, I see the deep furrow of red flesh on my left breast near the armpit. I had to get up, drag myself out of sight. I didn't lose consciousness; my breathing sounded strange, gasping, quick and shallow.
The treetops swirl across a dizzying sky.

Lieutnant Maurice Genevoix, 106th Infantry Regiment during the fight in the St. Mihiel Salient.
Taken from 'The Great War: 1914-1918' by Peter Hart.

Yesterday I finished the first casualty markers for my Great War project. As strange as it sounds I had a great time painting the German casualties from Great War Miniatures. They're full of details. I think I'll need another pack to make some more. Unfortunately, as for any other miniatures range out there, there are much too few casualty miniatures out there.

 'Unfortunately' I painted them before I knew Curt from the superb 'Analogue Hobbies' blog (You really should visit his blog) introduced so called 'Fortnight Theme Bonus Rounds' for his 4th annual painting challenge I'm participating in. One of the themes awarding the participator with an additional 50 points  is 'casualties'... well one more excuse to get some more^^.

I hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching!


  1. Fabulous! Sad, but fabulous!! You did an excellent work with them!

  2. Fantastic paintjob!


  3. Fantastic job on these Nick! Your really getting into WWI at the moment.


  4. Stunning work !!!

    Now you needs some custome dices with 'old' german numbers

    Best regards michael

  5. Splendid work! The wonderful basing might have taken you almost as much work as painting the figures. Really powerful results!

  6. Genial! Dann kann das Jubiläum ja kommen!

  7. Those are incredibly well realised, wonderful work.

  8. Cool! I really like the base of the nurse.

  9. Beautiful painting. The're inspirational.