Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Impressions: A game of Bolt Action 'Watch on the Rhine'

Saturday last week saw a game of Bolt Action at Axebreakers mansion. Chris' superbly painted 101 Airborne saw action against my Luftwaffenfelddivision.
We didn't field any armour as we wanted to get into the game without too much special rules as it was only my 3rd and Chris' first game. As always my dice rolling proofed to be sub-par and I lost half my force before inflicting the first casualty on the Airborne.

The lay of the land

Chris really created an amazing table again

First German troops enter the battlefield

The Americans follow swiftly

German sniper crossing the road to get in cover

The American sniper team takes position in the old water tower

The perfidious Airborne in defiance of the geneva convention killing one of the medics adjutants

The MMG takes position in the ploughed field

American mortar ready to let rain destruction

Bad dice rolling for status of the Volksgrenadiere... 6 pinmarkers instead of a promotion :-/

First kill on the MMG

Well prepared positions occupied by the Airborne

My first lieutenant suddenly on his own

You really don't want to cross this field...
Still neglecting the geneva convention the medics second adjutant is killed

14 dead Germans... no dead Americans

First American blood

American dead at the end of the game
German dead at the end of the game

 Because of some really bad dice rolling it became soon clear who will lose the game. The German forces were almost completely wiped out by well orchestrated American fire.

We had a great game and after the first two turns the rules worked like a treat. I really like the Bolt Action mechanics even when they're a bit rudimentary at times. For example the terrain rules should be pimped with some house rules.

Because of the better lighting in Chris' Hobby room I took the chance to take some photos of my completed Luftwaffenfelddivision:


 Thanks for viewing!


  1. Nice models! Great looking table! What more can you ask for!

  2. Nice job on the pictures and again you beat to posting the AAR which I just can't seem to find the right time. I'm now a big fan of the Bolt Action rules thanks to your introduction.:-) Your army looks wonderful here and it was a real treat to see them again!

    Your dice rolling was bad for sure, but I did need to kill quite a few more of your troops then you did of mine due to the difference in troop quality so the casualties you did cause may not look so bad, but actually it seriously hurt my force and if you had rolled just a bit better I might have been in trouble.

    Looking forward to Sunday!


  3. Love the troops, this is some real eye candy! I've got to try CoC and/or Bolt Action one of these days. Looks like a blast!

  4. Great table and pictures :)
    Look forward to seeing what you make of the armour rules...

  5. Wow !
    I´m sure you both had again a lot of fun.
    I like the way Christopher prepares the tables and it is always real eye candy.
    The figures are also superb painted and I know they look even more fantastic if you see them in original.


  6. Great looking table, terrain and troops!

  7. Great looking table and excellent miniatures. Very well painted!
    Godd AAR as well although it was a pity that your dice seemed to be that unlucky...


  8. Lovely stuff Nick! It's great to see a good portion of your collection all arrayed on the tabletop!

  9. I had seen this excellent looking game over on Christopher's blog but yours has a lot more pictures and the icing on the cake is seeing your completed Luftwaffenfelddivision, Superb.

  10. A very nice scene, as always an amazing job!!! congrats