Monday, 3 November 2014

Fall of the western Empire 19: More Comitatenses

Well, it's been a while since I did some figures for my late Romans. But as Chris lately finished a base of lovely cataphracts I remembered I also had some half finished Foundry Late Romans in my painting queue. Then our arrangement for a game yesterday (more on that in a later post) gave me the final impulse to finally finish up those poor buggers.

I was pondering about the basing for quite some time. Initially I had planned to fix them straight to an Impetus sized base as a bunch of 12 but then again changed my mind. With so many interesting rulesets out there I simply don't feel comfortable with my boys beeing restricted to rulesets allowing for this kind of basing. And after having already endured the "joys" of rebasing with this army I went for the ever handy and trusty sabot base solution.

The shields were done using Decals by LBM but this time I wasn't happy at all. Because they were way too small I almost had to repaint the whole of the shield except for the aquila. At this occasion I realised I urgently need a new bright red as the old one somehow doesn't cover anymore. Maybe thinned down to often.
All in all I'm quite pleased with these guys but I'd wish they were "proper" 28mm sculpts because next to my Musketeer figures you pretty clearly see the difference.

I've not decided yet if I'll go on with the Foundry ones for enlarging the army or if I'll go back to Musketeer. But one thing should be pretty obvious: This army is far from finished!

Thanks for viewing & hope you enjoyed!


  1. I had the good fortune to see these up close and they impress me just as much now as when I saw them. Wonderful work indeed Nick! Thank you for the link!:-) As I said I'm really pumped up to get cracking back on our Dark Age stuff in particular the Germanic and already have some ready for prep work.


  2. Very nice indeed :)
    I agree about the Foundry sculpts - they're a bit of an all or nothing. I put them alongside some Gripping Beast and it was not good...

  3. Great painting on the miniature. As for the basing I did the basing just like you did. My movement trays are for Impetus for Warbases..


  4. Great looking miniatures. Built sabot bases using your method for my Impetus-teutonic hordes last year too. It ´s forward-looking idea indeed...

  5. Very impressive work once again!

  6. The brownish reds on the second picture looks so beautiful ... may I enquire as to what colours did you use?

    1. Of course you're welcome. For the shade I used VMC Burnt Cadmium Red, mixed about 1/1 with VMC Dark Red for the base tone and finally a highlight of pure Dark Red.

  7. Excelent job, love the work on the clothes...

  8. Really smooth brushwork on these, and nice touch of dusting down the shields. Great looking unit.


  9. Fantastic brushwork! I think your basing is superb as well. These fellows are ready for any ruleset!