21 January 2014

Again a mixed bag of WW1 & WW2 - 6th Painting Challenge Entry & Vehicle Bonus Round

The third fortnight theme bonus round  of Curt's Painting Challenge is all about Vehicles. The poll is open since sunday so make sure to head over and vote for your favourite entries among a whole bunch of outstanding interpretations of the 'Vehicle' theme.

For my submission I went for a Daimler Mk1 armoured car for my Red Devils paratrooper force in beeing. Originally I intended to do a Churchill AVRE tank but decided it wouldn't fit my plans for the force.

Maybe I'll bolster the force with some jeeps or a Tetrarch light tank later on.

This time I wanted to use some new techniques and went for the AK line of weathering products. Stupidly the AK 'Worn Effects Acrylic Fluid' didn't work as I hoped and so I ended up with a vehicle looking like somebody has used it for paintball targeting practice. So I had to paint it a second time.

This time I was really pleased with the outcome... until I reached for the pigments. Originally I wanted to do a slightly less worn look than my usual AFV's... well, I was carried away again.  As I haven't had the time to do it again I had to life with it. But for future AFV's I think I've developed a cunning plan so the vehicles hopefully won't look like fresh out of the mud pit again.

I not only did the Daimler but submitted some more figures to the challenge. 

First we have a WW1 German Flamethrower team carrying the 'Klief M1916 Flammenwerfer'. The figures are from the superb Great War Miniatures and again were a real joy to paint. 

This weapon team completed my German force for my Great War gaming plans... well, at least for the moment. Now it's all about doing the opponents.

Second is a '75mm Pack Howitzer' for my Red Devils Paratroopers from Warlord Games. The piece and especially the troopers are of great quality and were a fun to paint.

 The spent shells seem to look a bit out of scale on the pics but believe me it's just the angle ;-)

And last but not least we have a 'Lewis medium machine gun' from Warlord Games again. The gun itself was rather nice but the paratroopers unfortunately had some bad mould lines and miscasts.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed!


  1. Splendid work, colors are really great...love hte mud effect on the vehicle too!

  2. These were all great entries. Just one small comment - the British Para berets should be more of a red wine colour. When I painted some up a year or so back, I used Vallejo Model Colour hull red, with (I think) a small amount of flat red added for the highlights.

  3. Indeed Greate paint work!

    Like the 2-man flamer team very much!

  4. Superb work, I really like the weathering on the Daimler very effective.

  5. Inspiring work, every single entry! The APC is perfect muddied up like it is and the Red Devils all look smashing. As for the Flammenwerfer, I don't know if it was scarier to carry it or see it coming at you!

  6. Superb painting and basing once again and that armoured car is going to look great on the table.

  7. Amazing painting all around! I was just prepping some Warlord Red Devils, but now I'm a bit hesitant about painting them for the challenge as you've sure set the bar pretty darn high.

    The wear and tear on the Daimler looks spot on too

  8. I just loved these entries, some of my favourites to date, I really enjoy your bright palter - stunning work Sir.

  9. What's not to like here. Excellent entries and I'm with the other Michael, some of my favourites to date

  10. Superb stuff...you can never have enough mud :)
    You have been busy...this is quality AND quantity!

  11. Excellent work on all of it Nick! The Daimler metal looks just great you managed a very nice wet metal that's very convincing!


  12. Superb painting and basing, very impressive!!

  13. Fantastic - the mud effects on the mk1 looks so good.

  14. These all look fantastic, great job. I especially like the weathering on the armored car.