08 January 2014

Freebooters Fate Goblin Pirates - 4th Painting Challeneg Entry

I hope you'll forgive me but this time no historical stuff. Instead some quite fanciful Goblin Pirates from my 2nd Bonus Round Challenge Entry:

As Curt has allowed for Fantasy entries this year also I jumped at the chance to paint some figures I had laying around for far to long. Initially my missus bought them as they're soooooo funny and hoped for me to paint them. As I'm normally not too enthusiastic about painting fantasy stuff they were soon forgotten (at least by me). While searching for suitable figures for the challenge I decided to finally paint them up and give the painted miniatures to her as a christmas present. So two kills with one stone.

 The miniatures are Goblin Pirates by Freebooter Miniatures, a German company. They're intended for use in Freebooters Fate which is a relatively popular TT-Game over here in Germany.

 The figures are well cast and come together with scenic bases. They're full of character and have plenty of tiny details what made them a challenge to paint in my eyes.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed!


  1. Wow! Not my kind of cake but the paintjob is very very cool.

  2. I though these were just stunning!

  3. I have toyed with getting this game for two years |I have resisted a purchase at Salute and now you have made me want to splash the cash again, Great work love the gobbo with the shark on his head

  4. I want a dead shark hat...that's awesome.

  5. Excellent painting on these Nick! This will for sure put in you in good with your wife.;-)


    1. Thanks Chris! Yes, they went down quite well ;-)

  6. I really love the blue on those. I think those are a great line of models. I just haven't been interested in the game. You did them proud for sure.

  7. Excellent painting! Very very nice work.

  8. Nice minitures and an excellent paintjob!
    Very nice indead!

  9. They are excellent :) The 'decking' is a nice touch....
    You must have an amazing wife to appreciate these...mine wanted an Ollie Murs cd.