12 January 2014

A mixed bag of WW1 & WW2 - 5th Painting Challenge Entry

This time I'm back to historicals again:

As I finally decided to let my Great War games take place on the eastern front I ordered a pack of White Russian Officers from the Copplestone Russian Civil War range.These were intended as a test what colours to use and if they fit the bill. After all I'm rather pleased with the outcome and probably will stick to the range for further reinforcements.

The white bearded Officer is meant to be the Captain of the force in beeing. He wears the blue trouser of a cavalry general to further distinguish him from his fellow officers and NCO's.
I went for blue shoulderboards instead of the most commonly seen red ones if I should ever plan expand the project into the Russian Civil War and therefore reserve the red shoulderboards for the Reds.

 Next are two WW2 Fallschirmjäger. Both models are from Warlord Games and rather crappy to paint as they're varying greatly in casting quality. Lots of mould lines and flash with sometimes quite weak detail.

 The guy on the left is carrying a FG-42 Assault Rifle. At the moment I'm experimenting with my base sizes. I decided to go for hexagonal Bases for heroes, officers and NCO's but for the rank and file I'm pending between 20mm and 25mm round bases.

 Last but not least two Red Devils also from Warlord Games. Contrary to the Fallshirmjägers I really love these sculpts. They're full of crisp details although there are some minor mould limes. As I'm rather disappointed with all my different basing styles I'll try to stay with the kind shown here for all my modern or more recent periods.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed!


  1. Agree with the varying quality of Warlord metals - some great, some abysmal.
    Lovely job :)

  2. Wonderfully painted figures as usual Nick and look forward to seeing them!


  3. Wonderful work, from start to finish! You didn't let the quality of the metals slow you down one bit. And your basing is tops as well. I have some Red Devils to paint this winter and I'll be coming back here for inspiration!

  4. Impressive paint work !!!

    Love you bases !

    best regards Michael

  5. Wow, sehen ja wieder einmal genial aus.
    Die Bases alleine erzählen schon eine Geschichte für sich.

  6. Excellent work! Really like those para's!

  7. Really good quality, I like the bases specially

  8. Lovely painting! So detailed and characterful :o)
    Great basing too.
    More please.

  9. Excellent looking figures, the clothes and the faces are very impressive!

  10. very nicei like the wwi-figures a lot!

  11. Die Copplestonerussen sind an sich schon schick, aber so bemalt nochmal doppelt. Leider sieht man sonst auch viel zu selten Bärte in allen Schattierungen...Löblich !

  12. Excellent miniatures, wonderful paintjob !

  13. Some really excellent painting, keep up the great work!

  14. These are excellently painted figures.

    I had the Japanese boxed set from Warlord and they were mixed quality as well


  15. Very nice paintjob on them all, especially like the british para's - the cammo is great. The bases are nicley detailed.

  16. Superb painting and a lot of detail gone into those bases. I am also tempted to do the Hex bases for the leaders as it makes them stand out.

  17. That is incredible painting. Mr. Copplestone should hire you to paint for his website. Your bases are the best on the web.