Monday, 1 April 2013

Rush for Berlin 3: Luftwaffen Felddivision

As this week my order from Artizan Designs and Miniaturicum finaly arrived I instantly started painting.
Painting a Luftwaffenfelddivision (Air Force-Fielddivision) is something I wanted to do for a long time. With my Soviets recently finished for Operation Squad I decided to give it a go.

First of the mandatory 500 pts. Squad:

As I hate painting the Splinter-Camo (Buntfarbenmuster 31) I went for the SS Peadotpattern, though it's not 100% historically correct.

Figures were a joy to paint but cleaning up all the mouldlines and flash was really enervating. I think some of the moulds should better be replaced.

There are still plenty more in the pipeline as I want to build a force big enough for some platoon level gaming.
 Therefore I seized the opportunity and striped of the paint from some of my older vehicles from Warlord Games.
Cleaning the resin from the failed old paintjobs proved to be a real pain in the ass... taking in account the time needed I think it would have been more productive to buy some new ones:

Obersturmführer Wittmann as passenger in the Kübelwagen. Had to cut off the legs to fit him in there...

Hope you enjoyed watching!


  1. They look great! The blue looks really cool.


  2. Stunning minis !!!!

    Just got to love the cammo paint job !

    Very nice contrast cammo/Luftwaffe blue, good work !

    Best regards Michael