Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Rush for Berlin 5: German Reinforcements

As spring has finally arrived in Germany too, it has been a bit quiet around here. Mainly because the workload increased, but also because I got a bit lazy over the last weeks.
So I needed about two weeks to get the next seven guys for my Luftwaffenfelddivision done.

I decided to paint up some more footsloggers to get a bit pf variation in my list.
So three soldiers with StG 44, three soldiers with Panzerfaust and a Medic are done.

First the hole bunch:

Followed up by the medic:

Next the Panzerfäuste:


Finaly the StG 44:

The guy in the completely blue dress is wearing the so called "Kuban Schild" on his upper left arm. Marking him as one of the survivors of the battles around the Kuban bridgehead from February to October 1943.
 More on Wikipedia:

Hope you enjoy!!!