24 March 2013

I ain't been lazy Mum!

This week I didn't realy paint up some project related stuff as I (once again :-/) lost a bit focus.
So I ended up painting two "Imperial Arquebusiers" by Freebooters Miniatures a nice & little german company. The figures belong to the "Freebooters Fate" Fantasy-Tabletop. Don't know if it's that well known outside Germany though here it has a ever growing fanbase.
The figures themselves are simply great. The casting is absolutely crisp, almost no mould lines, though therefore an almost unbelievable richness of detail. At least way more detailed as a common painter as me could ever paint^^.
I painted two other Fantasy Pirates too but I just don't know the manufacturer as these were bought by my wife in one of these '...these are soooo cute' moods. IIRC the figures belong to a discontinued range. They are nice sculpts too, though they are not as detailed as the Freeboorers ones.

At first a pic of all of them:

Female Arquebusier by Freebooters Miniatures: 

 (nice back^^)

And her male companion:
 Just one picture as I think the female is much more interesting

And here the other two... still need to do the basing.

Ok, that's not all I 've been distracting myself with. Some of you will have read my review about the 'Open Fire' Starterbox for Flames of War and will know the painted items there.
I just finished another four of the US-Airborne troopers:

Ok and as a little brainteaser a quick snapshot for what could be up next:
Some guessings there?

Cheers & I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Looking very good Nick! As to your next project I have insider information straight from source.:-)


  2. Greate paint work !!!

    Best regards Michael

  3. nice miniatures....is it a real cross of iron?

  4. Funny coincidence: This very week I considered buying into Freebooter's Fate. Unfortunately, though, the costs are prohibitive at the moment.
    Meanwhile I can now enjoy your paintjobs. Very well done, nice bold colours. :-)

    Cheers, SG

  5. Thank you guys! Glad you like the stuff...

    @Hobbyworker: Jepp, it's a Iron Cross 2nd class from my wifes granduncle and a so called Fliegerdolch (Pilots dagger) from my grandfather.