Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sweetwater Forum - Miniature Exchange

The little sparetime I had over the last couple of days I used to get the figure done I recieved  for the `Miniature Exchange` on Sweetwater Forum.
For the `Miniature Exchange` you get a figure to paint from another chap taking part and send a miniature of your choice to somebody else. As I never did any kind of comissional painting it was a nice challenge to paint up something I didn't choose myself.

So I ended up splashing some paint on some sort of cowboy... I have to admit I really have no clue what make this figure is. As I never really was into this whole Wild West kind of thing, except playing cowboy and redskin in my childhood, it was completely virgin soil for me.
Therefore I hope the result is ok:



Thank you for watching!


  1. Wow! ok? Your kidding! Right? Amazing work there! Stunning! I think that may be an Artizan figure, I may be wrong....I may have to check ou this exchange.

  2. He looks just great Nick! You really nailed the chap colour. I'm sure he is going to be very happy with his figure.


  3. That's a great-looking guy!

    Almost can taste the dust in the air.

  4. Stunning paint job !

    Best regards Michael