17 October 2021

[20mm] 3rd German Squad and some support

Again some time has passed by since my last post. And actuallyI got some more reinforcements for my Germans done. As before these are from the superb range of 20mm WW2 figures by AB Figures.

I've been experimenting with my camera settings again in the vain hope to finally get some halfway decent pictures. Thing is they always look different on different screens. On my little camera screen they're way too dark. On my laptop they're a tad too bright, on the tablet too dark again while on the phone they look just right. Bloomin' annoying I tell you. So anyway I fear you've to make do with whatever I manage to wrangle out of the equipment at hand. 

I've to say I'm actually rather chuffed with my take on Splinter Pattern for these figures. For some reason it seems easier to reproduce it in 20mm than in 28mm. I almost enjoy the process actually. 

As with the other squads this one is 12 men strong as to enable me to field it as either Grenadiere with 2x MG42 or regular Infantry with just 1x MG. Currently I'm leaning more towards the latter. Anyway, need to get in a game first I guess....

These 24 figures add another 96 points to my running total. So I'm currently at 920 points for this year, which is the equivalent of 230 painted 20mm figures. Given that there are a few vehicles and guns included, which garner more points per piece, the overall number of figures is quite a bit lower but I'm rather pleased nonetheless. Especially given my annual hobby slump during the summer months.


  1. 20mm?? Wooow! Awesome work master!

  2. Beautifully done! I would never have guessed 20mm.

  3. Amazing brushwork on these fine figures again, Nick. The splinter pattern camo is superbly rendered.

  4. Beautifully detailed work as always Nick.
    cheers John

  5. There is just so much detail in your paint work, yet it is never ever overwhelming to the senses. Brilliantly done!

  6. Splendid stuff Nick…
    The splinter camouflage works really well…

    All the best. Aly

  7. Absolute top-shelf as always, just incredible. Splinter cammo makes me cry...and seeing it looks so well done makes the feeling worse! Well done!

    And I always just have to make a little comment about the AB figures...they are SO awesome, but, as always, seem to include so many "just standing around" poses...

    1. My Grandad used to say ‚most of his live a soldier spends waiting‘ 😉 anyway, the nice thing with AB is you can choose if you buy more action oriented packages or a mix, like I do. That said I‘m actually planning on buying more of the static poses… Has more of a Diorama feel I quite like.

      Anyway, enough of my ramblings and thanks for the kind comment my friend!

  8. Wonderful painting Nick, your 20mm collection is right up there with your 28's.

  9. Beautiful work Nick, as ever!

  10. Fantastic work Nick looking forward to seeing the collection!


  11. Amazing work on camo!
    Tried to paint sth similar but failed badly 😁
    Waiting for more zee Germanz from your painting station!