29 April 2019

Review - Perry Miniatures US Infantry 1942-45

Well, I don't normally do any reviews on here but I felt the latest plastic release by the Perry brothers warranting a change in routine.

But first things first:
Neither did I receive the miniatures for reviewing purposes, nor was I offered any compensations in order to do so. Also I don't have any affiliations to any of the companies named in this article. Thus all of the below is purely my (completely subjective) opinion and thus you may feel free to disagree with my conclusions.

At this years Salute Perry Miniatures released their eagerly anticipated US Infantry 1942-45 set. And guess what? I wasn't there to get hold of it on the day.
Thus as soon as it became available through my preferred online-retailer of choice MiniaturicuM I ordered a box. Actually I ordered a few other things for my SCW project in the first place and as my American Infantry Platoon for CoC needed some reinforcements anyway I thought it wouldn't hurt to order the box. At 19,95€ for 42 miniatures it wouldn't be that much of a loss if I wouldn't like it.

The basics:
Within the box you'll find one sprue each of round 20mm bases and rectangular bases (not pictured) as well as two command sprues and three sprues for the ordinary infantry.

Command sprue -front-
Each of the command sprues contains:
- 3x bodies (2 upright, 1 kneeling)
- 1x M3 submachine gun "grease gun"
- 1x M1 Thompson machine gun
- 1x M1 Garand
- 1x M1903 Springfield with telescopic sight
- 3x M1 carbine
- 1x M1919 Browning machine gun
- 1x M1 Bazooka
- 1x arm with walkie-talkie
- 1x Pistol
- 4x heads

as well as corresponding arms, a pistol holster, ammunition pouches (M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Thompson, BAR), a M1928 haversack with T-handle shovel and knife and a spare helmet.

Command sprue -back-
The figures in the command sprue don't have any ammunition pouches modeled so you can add as required from the pouches provided in both sprues.

Infantry sprue -front-
 Each of the Infantry sprues contains the following:
- 12x bodies (2x kneeling, 2x prone, 8x upright)
- 12x helmeted heads
-  2x M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle "BAR"
- 11x M1 Garand
- 1x M1903 Springfield with grenade launcher (rifle grenade)
- 2x M1 Thompson machine guns

again M1928 haversacks, knives and ammunition pouches are supplied to further individualize your toy soldiers.

Infantry sprue -back-
Of the 12 figures in the Infantry sprue only 8 come with M1 Garand ammunition pouches moulded on, so the rest can be equipped as needed without the need for plastic surgery.
All models in both sprues come in the M1941 Field Jacket, commonly referred to as the Parsons Jacket, and wear gaiters. Thus the figures can be used from the start of the Tunisian campaign right through the war till the final days.

 The size comparison
The new Perry US Infantry are straight 28mm from foot to eye and thus should go well with most ranges currently out there. They fit almost perfectly in size and proportions with the current WW2 offerings by Empress Miniatures sculpted by Paul Hicks. Even when compared with the more heroically proportioned figures like Artizan (or Crusader for that purpose) and Warlord they should fit in reasonably well, especially when seen from an arms length. Keep in mind though, that the Warlord Blitzkrieg figure in the below photo is one of their older sets. More recent sets appear to be... bulkier, to keep it polite. The weapons are a little more fragile than on the last mentioned miniatures, thus when you're a little picky (like me) you should keep them in separate squads. Your mileage may vary though.

L to R: Empress - Perry - Artizan - Warlord - Artizan

The conclusion
Well, those who follow my blog on a regular bases may know I'm usually, to put it mildly, rather sceptical in regards to Perry Miniatures. Usually that has to do with the abysmal casting on their metal figures, but having bought (and sold off soon afterwards) the original ACW as well as the 8th Army set I wouldn't actually call myself a fan of their (post-GW and Foundry) efforts.
That said this newest set is absolutely outstanding in my humble opinion. The figures are well proportioned, as I have to admit is usually the case with Perry figures, with crisp detail and a good selection of dynamic and more static poses.
Mouldlines are few and far between and are easily removed with the help of a sharp knife. 
So all in all I'd rate this set with 9 out of 10 chocolate chips.


  1. High praise indeed! Looking forward to seeing a few more of them painted. ;)

  2. They do indeed look great and like you said a bit different opinion this time around compared to your normal one. Look forward to getting my set!


  3. A fair and objective review there Nick. Sorely tempted by them, especially for the price, a box of Afrika Korps and a bit of support as the makings of two forces for the Italian theatre, I already have buildings for Spain. Hmmm.

  4. Excellent review! I was surprised by the fact that these can also be used later in the war (good news!)! They look a bit bulkier and more detailed then the older 8th army and DAK.

    On another note though - please tell me how you painted the green on the jacket! It's so perfekt!

  5. Tell it like it is Nick, excellent review and wonderful painting of the GI, I look forward to seeing some more of these painted.

  6. Despite being fully committed to 20mm WW2 I do own a box of Perry 8th Army and Afrika Korps and I'm very tempted to paint them up as I have 28mm terrain I made for Afghanistan which could easily translate over to North Africa. I like everything I'm seeing about these Americans too. Great and useful review. Very tempting.

  7. Fantastic review and modells lok very good!

  8. Sounds like a fair review,I can't say I've had much of a problem with excess metal on my Perry metal figures (I must just be lucky! Or I'd put together so many Old Glory figures which had a lot of flash so didn't notice!) My favourite plastic set is Perry's 15th century mercenaries box , practically perfect and these sound good too!
    Best Iain

  9. Wow 42 figures is a lot. And an excellent rating from you to boot.

  10. Excellent words of wisdom...great unbiased rewiew. I have just ordered a packet to join my US Omaha beach army (this will bring it up to 250 ish). If you want to see our blog for pictures of it, see Glasgow Warhog. . But these are are a great price for bulking out an army...thanks for convincing me.

  11. thank you for your review, I always enjoy your blog and apparently we have the same demanding standard. I trust your opinion.

  12. Very nice review. I have this kit and absolutely agree with your points. Miniatures are fine but fragile a bit. I damaged few guns during assembling and painting :(

  13. http://glasgowwarhog.blogspot.com/2019/07/ this was our finished game using a mix of figures (incl the Perry).