14 February 2021

WW2 Soviets in 20mm (Dohh!)

A new scale Hurrah! It's not like I've already got a good collection of 28mm and a somewhat smaller one of 15mm for WW2. No, I've had to branch out into 20mm as well it seems.

I actually blame this latest fools errant on friend Curt of Analogue Hobbies fame, who despite my strongest objections, didn't stop trying to lure me into the abyss. What kind of person must he be to do something like this to one of his weaker minded fellow men I ask you? Quite a devilish one, I tell you! 
Anyway, years later and quite a few bucks poorer, here I am with not only a readily playable force of 28mm Soviets for Chain of Command, but a fledgling one in 20mm as well. And all that while I actually don't really fancy gaming the Eastern Front.

Figures are the excellent AB Figures by Tony Barton as I decided if I was to embark on this daft adventure I could just as well do it in style. Painting wise I settled on using only base colour and two highlights as compared to my usual way of a quadrillion layers. An interesting change to be honest and it also speeded up my usually glacial painting speed no end.

You probably won't be surprised to hear reinforcements are already on their way, but obviously got stuck in the post-Brexit traffic jam debacle...

That's it for today. Hope you're all well and till next time!


  1. Splendid work on those ABs you have really made Tony's work pop.

  2. They are absolutely great paint jobs on them. AB really are the best out there and if I was starting again in 20mm they would be my number one choice that is for sure.


  3. Like I said just superb work Nick! I'm really looking forward to seeing these.


  4. Excellent foray into another scale, Nick! Beautiful brushwork as always. Hmmm, 15mm, 28mm and now 20mm - you've certainly got all the main scales - particularly with WW2. I would venture to say 20mm (1/72nd) has a great selection of vehicles and terrain available.

  5. Beautiful work. I think 20mm, or even 15mm, is probably a better scale for WWII but the minis are so nice for 28mm it's hard not to keep buying them. These are very nicely painted, and I may have even thought they were 28mm if you hadn't said anything. Great work and looking forward to more.
    For me I've got a large collection of early war Russians and Germans in 28mm I'm slowly putting together. I'd like to do some Pacific theater at some stage though and I'm contemplating 15mm for that project.

  6. These do look excellent but I question the sanity of starting another scale :)
    Personally, it's not just the figures but also adding terrain in another scale.

  7. Masterclass doesn't even begin to describe your work at this scale. WoW! This is simply excellent work Nick. Even just the level of contrast at this scale is a great achievement already.

  8. Welcome to the dark side! I had a sense you might finally give way to temptation, you've been dropping hints for a while. You've done an absolutely brilliant job with those, they look fantastic. The problem with 20mm WWII is you have such a fantastic choice of figures and vehicles/guns etc and they are so much for affordable than 28mm you'll be very tempted to add a lot of extra stuff (I'm talking from experience here!). Look forward to seeing what you do.