Thursday, 4 February 2021

Wrapping up the Airborne project

Yet another submission to the AHPC:

I'm sure many of you know the feeling. In the one moment you're happily beavering away on a project when all of a sudden you feel it has run its course. For the moment at least. Now that's exactly what happened here. I got a few more British Airborne for Operation Market Garden done and that'll be it for now. I might get my acts together and add a few things to round out the opposing SS force... or I might not. We'll see.

First off a 6pdr AT-gun with separate Junior Leader. It's really a shame most manufacturers don't give you the full complement for each gun, or at least offer generic figures lugging crates and stuff about to round out the numbers. The 6 Pounder usually had a crew of 6 and thus I added a little dice well to the base to keep track in games of Chain of Command. I might still do a little removable filler to make it less obvious when sat in the cabinet

Next are the Jump Off Points to go with the force. I like doing specific JOP's for each of my Chain of Command forces and try to make them fit in with the theme of the force. 

These are followed by a second PIAT team to add yet a little more AT capability.

I was right in the middle of painting another support squad when I decided I was done with that project. So these six fellas are on their own for the moment. Maybe acting as additional crew for guns.

Points wise I'll claim 8 points for the Jump Off Points reasoning them not really being terrain but more akin to a (large) 6mm vehicle. Added to that a gun at 10 points, 2 prone figures at 5 points and 10 more or less upright figures at 50 points. 
Making for a grand total of 73 points.


  1. Just really outstanding Nick! I look forward to seeing these!


  2. Splendid Red Devils force, Nick! Always impressive painting and basing.

  3. your Bolt Action collection is by far, my favourite!

  4. Lovely job Nick .so where does the wargame butterfly take you next ?

    1. Thanks Dave! I think I'll stay in WW2 but might move to another scale

  5. Simply wonderful painting Nick 😎

  6. Nick these are fantastic, as you've called a (temporary?) halt on the airborne what are you planning to woo us with next?

  7. Excellent work Nick, great idea for the JOPs, they really work well(have to remember that for future Para project one day).
    cheers John

  8. Great work! Looking forward to seeing what the next project is :)

  9. Awesome work here Nick! And as for your comment ... "In the one moment you're happily beavering away on a project when all of a sudden you feel it has run its course." ... this has sadly happened to me mid-project thus resulting in sub-par finishes to a project. Here's hoping this year will be different.