Friday, 20 March 2020

Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry - 1st Section... and some KSK

Being ordered to stay at home for the day till the company has decided on how we field-service technicians are best and safest to proceed with our jobs in face of the virus I've taken the chance to take pictures of finished stuff. These lads have been sitting on my desk for a few days now as I haven't had found the time to finish the basing. 

In comparison to my usual basing I went for a more basic approach but I have to confess I rather like it. I wanted some WW2 Canadians for quite some time now and stumbling over a good deal over on the Lead Adventure Forum I decided it was high time I gave it a shot. Being Canadians these fine chaps are intended for service in Sicily, Italy and France/ The Low Countries, maybe even the Reich itself.

When it comes to Canadians in WW2 most gamers seem to go for generic British and use them as stand ins. If they're modeling Canadians anyway that is. A rather sensible approach really as organization and equipment was largely the same. I on the other hand, being somewhat Canadio-phil (I don't think that's a word, is it?) wanted to do it just the other way round.

The Canadian Battle Dress was generally markedly greener than its British counter part and didn't undergo the 1940 changes to the so called P40 "austerity pattern" and thus was highly coveted be other Commonwealth troops as well. That said Canadian Battle Dress like that of other nations varied greatly in both fit and colour due to different producers. Re-supply issues also meant that Canadian soldiers also often wore Battle Dress produced in other Commonwealth nations. A good primer for those interested in the Canadian Battle Dress can be found here -->

Figures used are by Crusader Miniatures and are your typical ill-proportioned wargaming miniatures. That said they're fun to paint as there's not too much small detail on the figures. In the long run I plan on expanding the force using Artizan Miniatures which should fit quite in.

Also recently completed were two German KSK (Kommando Spezialkräfte or special forces command) soldiers made by Lead Adventure Miniatures. I decided to go for Multicam instead of the more common German Flecktarn or the less often seen but more modern Multitarn.
Figures painted up nicely and I hope these are the start of a bigger foray into modern wargaming in 28mm... now I only need to decide on the theatre.


  1. Fabulous painting sir, love my Canadians as well, but in 20mm! Love your camouflage work on your modern Germans too, great additions to the collection.

    French Wargame Holidays

  2. As usual Nick, beautifully painted WWII and modern figures.
    cheers John

  3. Outstanding result! Thanks for inspiration.


  4. Fabulous brushwork on all of these, Nick. The state agency I work for went to half staffing in the office as of today. Alternating days teleworking from home. With my 4/10 schedule, I only go in to the office 2 days a week now. Have to order something to paint. Stay healthy and safe!

  5. Fantastic job and nice to see some different colours on 'British' figures! Looking forward to seeing more ultra moderns as well!

  6. Fantastic Nick! These guys are just going to look great on the table!


  7. Very nice Nick...
    It’s nice to get the chance to put a little variety into the British and Commonwealth forces...

    All the best. Aly

  8. Lovely work Nick. I do like the Crusader Miniatures WWII stuff and you have made a most excellent job of them.

  9. Beautiful, great paintwork I really like the crusader range as well. Maybe it's what we have become used to but the bulkier wrong-proportioned figures somehow look "right" as well as being easier to paint!

  10. Your excellent work aside do stay safe when you are out working. If you do not have access to face masks, do whatever you can to AVOID touching your face, eyes and mouth; wash your hands and keep as much social distancing as your work allows. Above all STAY SAFE!