22 February 2019

Over the channel and far, far away...

Just a quick one today as I'm in a bit of a hurry really. At the moment I'm away with work most of the time and thus spare time with family and friends is at a premium. So, let's talk about channels today. When reading accounts about the fighting in Belgium, Northern France and especially Holland in 1940 what becomes clear immediately is the importance of streams, channels and similar water features as obstacles to the German onslaught.

Of course I could have gone with a small, simple river which would have been useful across a wide range of settings. Also I could have done a small pond or a swamp or the like. But I simply had to build me a proper sized channel. Not necessarily a terrain feature that will see lots of use but hey, sometimes you simply have to go with that little voice in your head nudging you on to try your hand on something big and maybe a little daft.

At first I had in mind something similar to the Channel Richard Clarke built for his awesome looking Chain of Command game at Crisis 2018. But having bought one of the girder bridges by the fine folks at Warbases I realized it'd look rather stupid if this kind of bridge would sit almost flush to the water surface. So instead I choose to build a channel with raised embankments. I don't really know how (if at all) common this kind of channel is but it'll do its job for now.

Thanks for viewing and stay safe!


  1. lovely table, nice canal and great water effect, as you mentioned Nick, a canal seems to be a must for early war games.I suspect the white marks on the bridge are bird dropping ;-)
    cheers John

  2. Well in your words it may be big and daft, but it sure is awesome! Really looking forward to using this in a game!


  3. Stunning terrain piece! So very realistic!

  4. A most excellent piece, quite evocative.

  5. Very cool! Fits in snuggly with the rest of the table and surely adds some of that lowlands feel! For having bicycled quite a bit throught eh belgian and ddutch countryside I can say that it looks rather spot on.

  6. Awesome terrain and pictures, excellent!!

  7. Great work on the water, that has come out really well. I suspect you will end up using this piece of terrain more often than you imagined and it will have been well worth the effort.

  8. Wonderful. A stunning result, and very necessary for those low countries games.

  9. Whatever you turn your hand to Nic, turns to gold. Fantastic looking terrain for your wonderful looking figures and vehicles to game over.

    1. Funny you should say that. Last time I looked most of my terrain as seen on that table was made by a certein well known terrain genius from Britain 😉 Helps when you‘ve something to aspire to.

  10. You know what they say ... go big or go home and you went big. Nice!