Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Ludi incipiant!

I hardly have touched a brush since the end of the challenge, thus I finally took the opportunity to take some pictures of miniatures I already painted last year but didn't come round to post.
First will be my small collection of Gladiators.

remember to click for a bigger picture
Miniatures are from the superb Crusader Miniatures range and were a real joy to paint. I even took the chance to try to hand paint the shields. I'm rather chuffed I have to admit.
In my opinion Gladiators also offer the perfect chance to try out some recipes for different skin colours.

I still have some more of these in the painting queue but these will have to wait till I feel a little more like painting again.

Till next time!


  1. Wonderful gladiators, well done!

  2. Fantastic Nick!! We can try them out someday. You really must tell me how you got that black background! I cann't seem to get a black that black so if you got some extra materials bring it when you come please.


  3. Fabulous looking Gladiators. The varied skin tones look great; and love the scorpion shield design.

  4. Lovely job. That reminds me I have a stack of Wargames Foundry ones somewhere!

  5. Wow! Your gladiators looks so varied color wise. Fantastic work!