24 March 2018

Some 15mm for a change

After having painted a sizable US Paratrooper force for the Battle of the Bulge over the last two years, I decided it was about high time to give them some opponents...

... oh well, bugger that.

No, in fact I started work on some US Army guys ready to invade Tunisia/ Sicily/ Normandy. Figures are the current Battlefront plastic offerings. I got them for a steal which meant instead of painting up some Brits for a change, I was stuck with US... again.
The figures are OK-ish. Better than most of their metal ones but still there's the odd miscast in the mix.

And as if that wasn't OCD enough I also decided to paint a ISU-122. It's also from Battlefront and compared to the figures it was a joy to paint.
And truth be told it's all about tanks in 15mm - for me at least.

While being able to paint up whole infantry platoons in 15mm in the same time it'd take me to paint a squad in 28mm is certainly a boon, I definitely don't enjoy it half as much.

With tanks it's a completely different matter. In this scale they have just enough detail to look interesting while still being big enough to make best use of all the different techniques out there.

Also while a tank or two might look OK in 28mm you get severely limited once you go beyond that.
In 15mm I feel comfortable with a lot more of these monsters on the table.
And honestly, who doesn't love tanks?

And to round things off a group shot of what I painted throughout the last three months. As ever the yearly Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge was a great incentive to get stuff done.

So, that's it for today. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Excellent work as usual, your a machine
    cheers John

  2. Looking really awesome!

  3. Wow the group shot is incredible! All of that in just three months!

  4. What a simply stunning body of work!

  5. Those 15mm are just top drawer and your collection of work for the challenge is just superb!!


  6. Holy moly! Thats a whole bunch of amazingly well painted models for just 3 months. Very well done

  7. At 15mm scale your work on the ISU-122 is simply unbelievable i.e. fantastic!!! Super work!

  8. Amazing work! Your weathering on vehicles is really something special!

  9. Your fabulous brushwork certainly makes them look like they do indeed have as much detail as 28mm. Wonderful work you've submitted for the Challenge too!

  10. Wonderful work Nick! Loved that last group shot.