Friday, 20 February 2015

14th submission to the challenge - More 28mm Greyscale Viet Minh (31 points)

I'm still recovering from a nasty flu which knocked me out for over a week. While being quite pleased with my progress over the Challenge so far I find it always rather hard to get the juices flowing again once I hit the proverbial wall.

By now I'm feeling pretty comfortable with greyscale so I painted up the last of my Viet Minh to get back on track again.

As Curt already has pointed out my interpretation of greyscale probably has more of a heavily desaturated look than true black/ white approach. But as I'm still looking for a way to make the opposing forces look slightly different to each other I might still try a 'proper' greyscale on the French paratroopers.

By now most of you will probably be aware of me being a big fan of Mr. Hicks' work. The only thing I'm almost always struggling with is the faces. He has a certain way in how he sculpts faces which makes his work instantly recognizable but that doesn't really fit my painting style. I still get the faces done up to a standard I'm happy with but it's almost always a chore. 

As I already said at the top these six guys are the last of my Viet Minh force so far. Unfortunately Redstar Miniatures don't supply the Viet Minh with separate heads whereas the French come with an abundance of different head options. So as long as they don't add more poses to this range I'll probably have to make head swaps if I want to expand the force.



  1. Fantastic work Nick! Looking forward to seeing them in action on the tabletop!


  2. As always your painting is awsome!

  3. Every time I see this work it blows me away! These are some of my favourite entries in the whole challenge to date.

  4. Stunning work! I have no idea how this is done, but I love your results.

  5. Excellent work as usual. Hope to see some of the French here when you get around to them.

  6. Fantastic work again! Too bad about the heads not being changable. Swaps are always a pain to do if cutting is needed.

  7. Great painting as always :) Can you please tell me how you painted the flesh? Just love it

    1. Thank you Stephan! For the figures I used mostly Scale75 paints from the 'Black & White' paint set along with some Vallejo and Foundry paints. The flesh was done with just using the Scale 75 paints. First a basecoat of Brown Gray, followed by a 1/1 mix of Brown Gray and Rainy Gray and the final highlighting was done with pure Rainy Gray. Hope this helps.

  8. Hi Nick,
    really impressive work as all your submissions to the painting challenge!

  9. Wonderful, Nick.
    Your interpretation and the greyish colour are excellently composed.

  10. You are too hard on yourself with regard to your struggles with faces, they look ok to me but I do understand what you mean. There is always room in improvement in our work or else the only way is down. :)