Monday, 15 September 2014

M8 Greyhound and Deuce '2 and a half trucks'

Normally today I wanted to presented a squad of early war Germans here to accompany my recently finished Panzer II. Or some more 15mm U.S. Paratroopers to reinforce my troops for Battlegroup. But as Wayland don't get my Paratroopers on their way and me having a sudden attack of wargamers ADHD I changed plans so today here's something I haven't even had on my screen till last week.

Recently I purchased a small but rather nicely painted U.S. Army force (aproximately 800 pts. worth in Bolt Action) to have some more opponents for my Germans. My intention clearly was to just buy these fellas and use them either as stand alone force or with Chris' Paratroopers for some bigger games. I clearly had no intention of bolstering up the army...

...well, this was till I unpacked them and found the Greyhound which was part of the deal and found him just awful. It was missing some smaller parts as well as the ring mounted cal. 50 HMG and the gun breech for the 37mm gun. And as if this wasn't enough I had payed almost twice it's retail price for an absolutely poorly painted block of resin.

To be honest there's no blame to the seller as I just should have had a closer look at the picture of the car he used for advertising the model. Or I should have asked for more and especially detail shots of the thing especially considering the price I was about to pay. Well, something new learned I suppose. So I decided to cover up as much of the damage as possibly by using some spare equipment parts I had flying around including a .50 HMG I just recently had rediscovered in my lead mountain and give it a complete repaint. It's still missing the breech and some other parts but honestly it's good enough for gaming I think

And as I was at it already I decided to finally paint the two Deuce '2 and a half tons' trucks I had flying around for some years now. Initially I had planned to use them as lend & lease trucks for my soviets but as they arrived I was absolutely put off by the models and forgot about them.

The main problem wasn't them beeing nice models but having some rather nasty casting issues. But as I already had a not really perfect M8 at hand I decided to turn on my trusty Dremel and remove as much as possible of the problematic spots.

You can still see the spots where I used the Dremel as I didn't bother to try to mask it with Green Stuff or the like but again these are just expensive toys for gaming some silly games :-)

All in all I'm rather pleased by the results especially considering how they looked before...   


... I liked it so much indeed that I decided to buy me some more stuff for my US boys ;-)

So thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed!


  1. Very nice. Those look sharp. Nice job.

  2. excellant job - great weathering.

  3. They look fantastic! Beat to hell and that's the right look for all of them.

    In college, I briefly had a rich kid as a room-mate. He bought a Deuce and half and drove it around town as his primary vehicle.

  4. I think they look great Nick! Super recovery on the M8! I'm sure my Airborne will put them to good use.:-)


  5. Exellent paint job... love the rust and the stowage

  6. Excellent paintjob on those! And good job salvaging the Greyhound from an unsatisfactory state. All the baggage etc. really makes it look like it's really seen some service.

  7. Looking fantastic - really really nice work on the rust-effects & weathering!

  8. Looking really good - love the weathering :)

  9. Very very nice and a superb artwork. I like the weathering and the rust. The lorries are very cool either.

  10. Lesson learned. Sometimes we just press the button too soon. Results are great though! Have fun with them,

  11. You've done a great job of redeeming these models. They look very good, the weathering is well done but not too much. I am sure they will serve Uncle Sam very well. Bravo.

  12. At 15-mm scale, these are freaking fantastic ... pardon the language. Very nice job. ^_^

    1. Thanks. Unfortunately these are just 28mm from Warlord Games though.

  13. You have certainly brought them back up to scratch with the weathering and the extra stowage. Superb painting, you are tempting me with the 15mm.