Sunday, 10 August 2014

Rush for Berlin 17: New Soviet reinforcements

Well, it's been a while since my last blog post. And here's why:

Ok, it's not only because I'm still renovating my flat (and will do for the forseeable future) but it's the main reason.

Some weeks ago we had a game at Axebreakers which saw me fielding my Soviets against Chris fielding my Germans. Needless to say I got a beating as always... seems like it doesn't matter what force I'm fielding. Nonetheless it was great fun and I realized I urgently need more troops for my Soviets. Those I'm doing right now and will be ready for beeing blogged soonish me hopes.

But in preparation for the game I already had done some reinforcements which came in handy to meet the agreed 1500 pts. limit.
Sorry for the blurry pics but I was a bit in a hurry.

All models from Warlord Games
The flag bearer actually is a rebase and repaint (skin and some other items)

The Gaz 67b was only finished after the game

Somehow the mud on the wheels didn't turn out as intended. I think I've to go over again once more.

I really love this little SU-76 self propelled gun... it's nickname with the soviet troops was "bitch"

Somehow I really have to think a bit about my basing as it seems I simply can't stick to one theme even within one army.

So long, I hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching!


  1. Wow Stunning looking models mate :)

  2. Excellent additions, your paintjobs never fail to impress!
    Nil desperandum, mate, regarding your misfortunes as a gamer – here's another one who shares your fate, and that's why I tend to umpire games these days: no harm in "losing". ;-)
    In regard of basing I can only reiterate an advice given to me by some wise hobbyists: keep it simple. It may seem desireable to add thematic (period, season etc) flavour to bases of a particular unit or army. But in the end you may as well go for a nice yet basic design which's easy to reproduce. Slight variations are fine (adding leaves for example), though an overall consistent look is way better. Personally I settled on a fairly 'arid' style, i.e. sand-coloured gravel with patches of grass of different colours and lengths interspersed. Works for almost any environment and is quickly done. Maybe an idea?

    Cheers, SG

    1. Thanks on the advice for basing! I settled on a brown/ grey basing for moderns lately as I can easily urbanize it by adding rubble or similar and it works quite effective for trenches also. The main problem I have is staying with the same theme even after not working on the army for over a year when I maybe have found a new and "better" looking way of basing.
      In regards of gaming I don't really care if winning or loosing so I can still enjoy gaming while my army gets mowed down... would be a bit silly otherwise as it's just me and Chris most of the time lately :-) Not much fun in making the umpire for a solo game ;-)

  3. Great looking figures, love the SU-76!

  4. They do look great Nick! Basing is always a challenge. Looking forward to our next game!


  5. These Russians look stunning! Excellent work!

  6. Excellent looking Russians :)

  7. Great looking unit. На Берлин!

  8. The pictures can't blur out your excellent painting, especially impressed about those jeep headlights. Glass is so difficult to get right, but I think you've cracked it. If these chaps and their SU gun can't stop the Huns nothing will...

  9. Superb work. Your vehicles are a work of art. For a man who is renovating, you got a lot done!

  10. Impressive work mate! The guy on the jeep next to the driver is shamelessly riping-off Josef's style :D
    Had to paint the inside of a whole house (unfortunately no table top sized house) a couple of weeks ago so I can really relate to your post. All the best and keep on painting (no matter what ;) )

  11. Lovely work. Great painting on the figures and vehicles.

  12. Seems to be renovation time recently. Somehow everyone is employing hammers and nails right now. Good luck with this 1:1 modelling püroject ! ;-)

    Excellent work on the minis. I love the characterful faces you gave them. And the bases look perfect for a Berlin cityfight to me.


  13. Superb work on the soldiers and tank. Nicely done indeed.