Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Rush for Berlin 18: Further Russian Reinforcements

After obviously having rediscovered my painting Mojo and especially my love for Russian soldiers in WW2 I had a crack on some more of these buggers. All of the figures are from Warlord Games again and definitely are some of their better newish sculpts. For the most part I dislike the comic style some or better most of their newer figures, for example the Waffen-SS or German Heer, have to them. Especially most of their "Separate Head System" often look more like some ugly grimaces than real faces. Same with the heads for their "Siberian Veterans" plastics box. Somehow they seem to imagine all Siberians beeing slant eyed maniacs.... *rant off*

I rather like the pose pulling a Maxim that comes with the "Siberian Veterans" box...

... and this guy is just superb. They really managed to catch one of the most famous photos of a Russian Soldier in WW2.

He'll definitely be one of my future squad leaders.

No Russian force ever seems to be complete without the commisar...
"Angel of mercy" to care for the wounded comrades

And last but not least my new Lieutenant... I think he looks imposing enough for the job
So I think that's enough for the moment. I think the next post still will be WW2 related but probably tackling another topic. Till next time.

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed.


  1. Cracking work yet again Nick! I'm looking forward to seeing them up close.


  2. Wonderful painting Nik! The bases are superb, too!

  3. All i can say is WOW...... stunning work again mate :)

  4. Stuning paint job and excellent basing too, as always!

  5. Those are absolutely stunning, some of your best work ever - marvellous, marvellous job.

  6. Very nice indeed :) The Warlord range are a bit hit and miss but you've shown them off beautifully!

  7. Your Russians rock! I adore your painting and basing style. There is so much character in each of these fellows. I can't help but look at the commissar and think of my boss. ;-)

  8. Really excellent stuff!!


  9. Awesome brushwork!! Love the basing!

  10. For the Warlord Games figures I completely agree with you. Some are good, some are not...

    Anyway the paintjob you performed on those Russians is excellent as usual!


  11. Wow, whilst sharing your passion for Russian military I must say you've really got these perfect. The colors are so vivid and clear, and I love the extra work you've put into the basing. One really imagines them skirmishing through the rubble of the Berlin suburbs.

  12. Seriously wow ... these figures look fantastic. I especially love the work you did on the clothing.

  13. Superb job on these Nick! I think these are some of your best WWII stuff yet (which is saying alot as your 'normal' stuff if fabulous). Fantastic.

  14. Painting and basing is fantastic, especially the maxim crew. My Russians are waiting in the painting queue but after seeing these, I think I will have to paint some sooner rather than later.
    Superb work.