Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Fall of the western Empire 18: 2nd unit of Palatinae ready for battle

With the football fever still raging over here at Moiti towers I have a convenient excuse not to do much painting lately.
Despite beeing still tired to the bones from a weekend in Austria celebrating the stag party of a close friend of mine, followed by two long football nights, I finally managed to make some shots of my newest additions to my Late Romans.

These two fellows are from Westwind Miniatures and despite not beeing quite as good as the Musketeer heavy cavalry they were a joy to paint.

On this little fellow I had to reposition the horse a bit making it look like rearing to better fit the pose of the rider and to make it look bigger.

This guy is sporting a rather uninspiring Draco standard especially when comparing to the Musketeer one. As you might have noted the shields are handpainted this time. This was done to better fit my other two figures already painted for this unit.

The Westwind horses unfortunately are quite notably smaller than the Musketeer ones making them look like riding on ponys. But on the other hand I had no intention to buy a set of 3 figures from Bill only to have one left over again when I already have two other figures readily primed and based.

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed!


  1. Stunning work, that's a beautiful cavalry!

  2. Excellent painting Nick! I'll need to see these in person.:-)


  3. Exellent !!!

    I realy like the down to earth tones of your coloures, greate bruch work!

    Best regards Michael

  4. Superb :)
    Love the horse work!

  5. Superb painting - the horses are outstanding!

  6. Lovely paintjob. Very well done !

  7. Amazing paintjob once again! Great job!

    The rearing horse looks a bit funny at least to my eye. Seems like the rider is falling out of the saddle. But there is only so much you can do if the sculpt is like it is.

  8. I agree with everyone ... this are awesome looking miniatures. Fantastic paint job.

  9. I love the richness you have achieved with the horse flesh, superb painting as always.

  10. Fabulous work Nick! The riders are marvellous but those horses are real corkers as well. Great additions to your force.

  11. Just discovered your blog Moiterei - some beautiful work here. You are an artiste!