Sunday, 23 March 2014

A mixed bag of AWI, WW2 & Late Romans - 12th and last Painting Challenge Entry

So now as this years painting challenge came to a close it's back to normal business. But first here's my last entry to the challenge for you:

 Here's my last submission for this years challenge. It has been a tough ride and I enjoyed it a lot. I've taken part for the very first time and I have to say I was impressed by the high level of painting, the mutual support and of course by Curt's great organization. I guess this were some pretty hard but fantastic three months for all of us.

So my heartfelt thanks to you Curt for shepherding the 'Wild Bunch' and to your wife for giving you the time to do all this. 

My last submission is a pretty mixed bag again. First we have three Late Roman Infantry men from Musketeer Miniatures.

Shield designs by Little Big Men Studios

Again from Musketeer Miniatures two lonely Late Roman archers. Originally I planed to finish the remaining four also but you know what Sun Tsu said about plans...

This German Fallschirmjäger I painted for a tutorial on painting splinter pattern. So regular followers of my blog probably have seen him already with only his Schmock painted.

 And last but not least we have here four AWI Southern Militia from Perry Miniatures. I guess Chris aka Axebreaker will likely be happy to see them as they're proof of him finally succeeding in luring me into AWI. 

 I'm pretty chuffed with how they turned out but to be honest they were a real pain in the ass to both clean and paint. Some years ago I already painted some Crusaders from Perry Miniatures so I already knew what I have to expect in terms of cleaning. But what I didn't remember was how hard they were to paint using my usual approach to painting.

And now to finally round things off nicely I've included a group shot of what I painted over the course of the last three month.

There are two figures missing as these are by now sitting in one of Curt's cabinets in far away Canada.  In total I painted 47 Miniatures, six casualty markers, two Weapon teams consisting of three figures each plus weapon, two mounted guys and one armoured car. In comparison to our top scorers this might not be much but to me this is quite a lot. So much in fact I'm planing not to do any actual figure painting in the next weeks but go for some much needed terrain making. There's still some goodness from Tactica awaiting my attention. So hope to see you all next year again.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed!


  1. As always stunning work....Love the late Roman infantry.

  2. Amazing work, as always...I am really impressed by your paint job in the clothes, stunning!

  3. An awesome collection! Beautiful paintwork!

  4. Amazing work once again! Especially the Fallschirmjäger turned out great.

  5. Congrats to some pretty impressive results! Very well done!
    As an AWI buff myself I'm happy to see these militiamen in particular. The more as they are running. :-D (/redcoatmode)

    Cheers, SG

  6. Fantastic painting - all are so impressive.

  7. A fromidable collection ! Be proud of it !

  8. Absolutely stunning, some of the best work on show in the challenge.

  9. It's a great bunch of models. I always enjoy seeing your work but putting the last three months together like that is very nice.

  10. Superb painting on all of these but the late Romans are my favourites.

  11. I confess, I can't pick a favorite. It's all damn lovely! You skintones, camo and tunics are simply stunning.

  12. Tolle Figuren!
    Vor allem die Spätrömer gefallen mir sehr, sehr gut.

  13. Awesome array of beautiful figures Nick!! I'm as you know delighted you have entered the AWI period! Excellent job!


  14. Stunning paintwork !

    an impressive amount of lovely painted minis for the chalange!

    Best regards Michael

  15. Three of my favourite periods and all superbly painted. One of the reasons why I like to visit your blog.

  16. Great painting! I so learn looking at your figures, how you do the details and shadows! Bravo!

  17. Superb work Nick! It was a pleasure to have you with us this year. Here's to a well-earned rest and a rally for next year's event!