Monday, 14 October 2013

Senatus Populusque Romanus 1: Velites pro Impetus

Over the last weeks I've painted some figures here and there but didn't manage to get anything finished to a standard I'd show here.

But these Republican Roman 'Velites' by Aventine Miniatures were standing on my desk for some weeks now waiting patiently for basing. So I sat down after work and gave these fellows their 'terra firma'. As I don't like basing that much and wanted to cut some corners I decided to use the Model Scene 'Grass mats with calc stones'. I still have to figure out how to use them best.

This time I used a knive to cut the mat where I wanted to place the miniatures. Then I glued the mat to the 12x6cm Impetus base using PVA. Afterwards I attached the miniatures to the already cut out positions.
Unfortunately at first the figures looked like sunken knee-deep into the ground. That's because there's some kind of felt beneath the foliage. The problem was solved by pressing the mat hard to the base till the glue was rather dry. Next time I'll glue the mat to the base first I think and then attach the figures on top the mat.

Ok now on to the pics:

Ouch... I think this hurts...

These Aventine figures are just superb. At first I wasn't too keen on these as they look quite rough unpainted but they paint a treat. The shields are 'decals' by Little Big Men Studios. The casualty figure actually is from the 'Alexandrian Macedonians' Range by Armorum & Aquila Miniatures. I think he'll pass as a roman Velites as long as nobody is looking too close.


  1. Looking very good to me !

    Like the look of the skirmishers moving through the high grass in the rought ground, loks greate!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Wonderful velites! That is a great vignette you have going there.

  3. They look brilliant Nick! If you keep this up I might have to move my Pyrrhic figures to the front of the painting line!


  4. Lovely Velites, Aventine make the best Republican Romans.

  5. Na die können sich doch mal sehen lassen!

  6. Great looking vignette, the wounded man is awesome...

  7. Now that has got to hurt! Great job Sir.

  8. Very nice. I'd like to try this mat idea. It looks a bit fiddly but I can see how nice it can look when done well.

  9. Wonderful painting and the basing is very effective.